This is super fresh and filled with citrus. I never paid much attention to LB until a friend of mine wore it to a dinner party.well she smelled amazing.Then I bought a small bottle which I mainly use during summer but I spritzed some on today and it seems to work in the cold too,very versatile an really beautiful,clean and sophisticated,very popular for a reason. Light Blue consistently comes in at the top of the bestseller lists in the United States – and with very good reason: it is hard to beat in the summer refresher stakes. (if it helps i live in a mediteranean country, where the heat during summer is really strong). Citrusy and fresh, it smells like CK One. Crisp fresh mouth watering feminine scent! It was also a highly pleasant wake up in the mornings thanks to the sheer freshness of this. Thankfully, this goes away after a minute or so. Much too sweet, fruity, and fresh-laundry smelling. Nothing new. It's weird. I just hope it smells as good on me as it does on her. Trouble is, you want them to go away. Fresh and long lasting. Everything about the notes sound lovely, but for some reason I dont get citrus or clean aquatic musk, I just get.... nauseated. Since there are so many reviews here about Light Blue already, I'll skip my own cause mine is just similar to what they have to say: amazing scent, however poor sillage, poor longevity. It is fizzy and light like light blue, but is more … My Mom would always buy me a small bottle of it. A fresh, clean perfect fan favorite that men love on women. I thought that Light Blue was simple and sweetly fresh: a fragrance that’s easy for clubbing college girls and preppy queens on Nantucket to throw on without a second thought. That's the only note I can pick up in here, and it's not an overly harsh lemon in the way that would remind you of a cleaning spray, but it's literally as if I sliced a lemon and inhaled it. Note to self: STOP DOING REVIEWS FOR FRAGRANCES ON THE FIRST DAY! I really like it and plan on getting my own bottle soon. I don’t get all the hype over this perfume! This is totally unisex. … Welcome to r/Funny, Reddit's largest humour depository. Unfortunately, this is so disagreeable with my allergies. I would much rather wear Versace Man Eau Fraiche or Perry Ellis 360 White. This would definitely be on my list of holiday, summer and light daytime wear. Not a fan of citrus fragrances, but Light Blue is an exception. Source(s): perfume smells fresh light blue: Heard good things but this didn't work for me. That’s what I get from it. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Dupes – 1. A decade and a half later and this is still love or hate. I don't know what it smells like to other people when I'm wearing it but it's not pleasing to my nose at all. This is pretty. Urine Smells. It's the perfect scent for the summertime and I'd say you can hardly over spray this as it's so fresh and clean. Me and my mum used to wear the male and female versions of this around the time she died so has a special place in my memory. and i even got acompliment from a lady that stood next to me and said i smell just beautiful. Both me and my colleague (who is not into perfumes at all by the way) rushed out to get ourselves a bottle of this magical elixir. It actually reminds me of sharpening my pencil as a kid and the aroma you'd get from the pencil shavings. It almost made me sick! Citrus for sure, there is a cedar/musk/floral component that makes it unique. This was the favorite scent of one of my ex-boyfriends and it's a pretty unisex fragrance. I did use a whole bottle, but no chemistry improvement for me. It's sweet but not sugary or sickly. I would describe it as a mind bending perfume. I love D&G Light Blue. I do think "Italy" when I sniff it, even though I've never been there (lol). What happened to Light Blue eau de toilette? I liked this when I first bought it but I then realised that the smell is very harsh. We checked. Finished up my third bottle of this lemony goodness. Also, I do suspect this is better for summer. It's not aggressive, so you can apply couple of sprays more for stronger projection. So far, I have trouble even detecting it on myself. the person the asked the question might have been reffering to writing a color poem. Roses actually don’t smell “red” but smell “white, light pink or light blue” when tested under MRI, scientists conclude Roses don’t smell red. It's because it smells good, is exceptionally easy to wear, and is highly versatile: appropriate for day or night, for work or play, for going out to dinner or for just slobbing around the house. the first half hour is a blast of lemon juice. My most recently purchased bottle of Light Blue eau de toilette is manufactured in France. .yes, this reminds me also of CKOne, but this one has more citrus, so not quite the same. Much better than the men's cologne. Relevance...sugarpie honeybunch. Next Last ••• More options Who Replied? Living in south Florida I was looking for a nice summer scent since it’s summer 9 out of 12 months here. Starting in 2012, limited-edition versions for women and men have been released periodically. 33.1m members in the funny community. I wear it before I go to sleep. Light Blue is somehow cool and warm at the same time. Best I can say for it was that it was gone in half an hour. But it smells very cheap, musky, very artificial smelling citrus, sillage and longevity very weak, it becomes a skin scent very quickly. Upon first spray I get a punch of lime and sea salt that makes me fall in love with the scent all over again. But on it's own, it just doesn't work for me. (One of only a few fragrances I've worn in my life that generate so many positive comments.) The lemon + cedar combo makes me want to polish furniture. Does a clean pill have a certain smell or taste to it? Sadly, as much as I love the combination of citrus and clean smell of this, for some reason, it doesn't work well with my body chemistry. Particularly bergamotty to me. the worst perfume in terms of sillage and longevity. Think about that now for a second. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Men is a fresh, crisp, and citrusy scent ideal for hot months. I bought the body lotion, shower gel and Edt.I am a bit disappointed because it does not last long at all. This is more flat and contained. Go figure...i would definately rebuy it in a winter!!!!! The florals and apple linger with the cream. how would someone not love this frozen lemonade??? I have the same experience as the reviewer below me...this scent is very 'citronella bug repellent' especially on me. Smells like: Light Blue EDT, £50ml for £50, Dolce & Gabbana. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. It's a light, refreshing and uplifting scent perfect for daily use. It is so peppery to me, what note is even causing this?! It's light, fresh, and clean. The scent wafting from afar is how I will have to enjoy this one. And it plays back and forth this way through out it’s long life: interesting then banal; pretty then ugly; natural then synthetic. The inexpensive cologne clone of Light Blue from CVS smelled good on me so I tested out the real thing, thinking it could only be better. If you're a fan of citrus this may be your favorite though. I thought it smelled like lemon-scented dish soap and generic floral scents with some hints of bamboo. I gave mine to her because she used her bottle up. Quite a generic smell. But unlike its blinding flash or deafening roar, the scent of a lightning bolt is much more subtle. Doesn’t last over 10 minutes! I really liked it on her but I couldn't afford it then lol. Featuring a sparkling green apple note and a translucent amber base, Light Blue is a pleasure to spritz on liberally in the heat. It makes me feel nauseated and I have developed migraines from it. I’m familiar with every note in it except the blue bell, so I’m assuming that’s the one that’s throwing me off. I disagree with this scent as boring at all. The coffee note in Black Opium is making me weary of choosing it because even though I like the Black Opium sample, I had Rebelle by Rihanna which had coffee as a note in it, and that fragrance ended up making me feel sick when I wore it. COLOUR not color. The biggest complication from this normally mundane task is occasionally changing a burned out light bulb. And tried and tried I did. It is similar to Light Blue in many ways but is just better in every way. I don't get why people love this. ... Australians smelled blue. A citrus-scented liquid hand soap would probably give you the same effect for a fraction of the price. I purchased for my Mother in Law, and seriously considered keeping it for myself! What is blue and smells like red paint? Maybe if I was ever an outdoorsy all-American 18-year-old, this might have worked for me in the past (though I doubt it). about 1 year ago #1220 This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site. I bought a gift set and the matching body products are also lovely. if you are obsessed with brands then go for it but i wont be paying for the name. You call this boring, try Lanvin. Nest's Grapefruit Candle smells like straight-up sunshine in a jar. Probably awesome on others though. Anonymous. No, it's not particularly special or unique, but it makes for a solid, casual day fragrance. I would like to smell light blue intense or light blue sunset in salina. I was thinking of getting the Intense version but it looks as if I don't even need to. Bought it for that reason. I wouldn't mind the citrusy scent of the perfume if was softer, or balanced with a more floral note but in my opinion this is quite screechy and it's just not appealing. This is a light, pleasant acquatic scent with minimal sillage but decent longevity that I enjoy right out of the shower on a warm day. I can't work it out. I feel like everyone knows at leased 1 middle aged mother who lives in the suburbs, drives a SUV, sings along to Nickelback & has a bottle of light Blue on their dresser. It's 90% the same and I have to be honest side by side it makes my moschino smell like cleaning spray. When someone asks me what flavor slushie I want, I don’t say “cherry,” I say “red.” That flavor is called “red.” “Blue” is another flavor a slushie might have. It smells very one-dimensional on me, and I ended up giving the sample away to a coworker. However, if you notice a light switch is hot to the touch or smells like it’s burning, don’t ignore it. Very slight musk and lemon. Comparing to other original fragrances I have it's not as long lasting as them but as it's only £4 for a purse size bottle it's a better alternative for a work/day fragrance To me this is one of those perfumes that everyone, particularly guys, seems to love, yet I don't and cannot see why it is such a crowd pleaser. It’s like walking in a daytime after rain, the weather is fresh, sun is shining. Half-arsed slightly rancid citrus over equally half-arsed woody amber-ish base. This smells like toilet freshener on me. Latafan, I ve just sprayed Light Blue on and I like it..Intense versions are mostly not as fresh as the regular ones, so I think I ll stick to those.. @renzo i think so, definitely! I love this scent. It's light and fresh--a little sporty. If it were a little more of a sweet lemon, I think I would like this more and I'm honestly contemplating layering it with another "warm sugar" type that I have, so I may update this. Really like the initial lemon/apple notes but entire scent doesn't seem to last very long. I wasn’t expecting to like this fragrance much as I’m not a huge fan of citrus, but it turned out to be much more pleasant than I thought it would be. Good advice is to test perfumes few times before buying, because skin might betray you or award. Essence of meh. I actually like his version better so I returned mine. Btw, i tried the intense Light blue, I must say, its a must try! Extra: At one point I owned a deodorant stick in Light Blue scent. But its just too lemon-y. It is a very motivating, uplifting scent. The entire effect was so well balanced and we both smelled something that neither of us could identify. It’s weak weak weak!! Don't know if it smells like the original but can confirm it smells gorgeous. Some people say it’s generic, but I find it really attractive, clean and uplifting. 5 with perfumes that smell just like Paco Rabanne Lady Million for women. Featuring a sparkling green apple note and a translucent amber base, Light Blue is a pleasure to spritz on liberally in the heat. I'm indifferent to this fragrance. In fact, you've probably experienced it before. The top notes are lemon and granny smith green apple but in the original version, it is added with cedar and bell flower. A smell-a-like isn't an exact copy, but often smells very similar. Nothing unique. but even in cool ac it just smells very "off" for me. Lasts up to next day on my skin whereas the previous bottles barely made the four hour mark...are the tester bottles made more concentrated that regular bottles in the suede box? Smells good. Is it me, or is this a carbon copy of Hugo by Hugo Boss, but more expensive? Now, I even buy every year a new bottle (for spring/summer). Can't buy it again unforts. It’s great at daytime, but I love to wear this at nightime, too. Smells like heaven --- on other people. Something about the top and mid notes just induces nausea for me. The name, the bottle, the fragrance. If it works for you, it's nice! It's unlike any fragrance I've found. It smells cheap now. Safe choice, should be a staple in any fragrance collection. Tested on card and smelled beautiful and fresh, but when i sprayed on my arm it smelled awful. It used to be super popular and I'd known it for so long, I stopped paying attention to it whenever I was shopping for perfume. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. This is one for everyone who wants a fresh and clean summer time scent. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (£48.50, 50ml): This has notes of apple, lime and lemon and smells very Italian. Neither juvenile or mature, the blend of soft lemon and green apple has universal appeal for everyone. Part of the reason for that versatility, I suspect, is the pure simplicity of its concept: it basically comes down to two equally high-pitched and nasal facets--the sharp musky cedar below and the tart lemon/apple above--oscillating against each other to eternity. "Lemon sorbet doused with rubbing alcohol, technically remarkable in that normally transient top notes are made to last an oddly long time. I needed a Monday energy boost and was thinking something citrus might do the trick. There is a condition called synesthesia where stimuli can cause different sensations for people. It is uplifting and refreshing. Unisex. Find out more about Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. I always buy this for my gal. What does Ketamine smell like? Hope i helped a little. I wanted to buy it since some years, but I was not convinced due to some reviews about the longevity and sillage. Like Acqua di Geo during it's heyday, Light Blue is part of the air you breath. if i had to get one, i'd get the darker blue version, but also i can live without that one too. That's all I get out if it. Fresh and clean. Am I the only one that thinks light blue is unisex or kinda manly? Source(s): As above. I met up with some girlfriends for dinner and I noticed a foul smelling stale powdery monstrosity in the air. I wish it would last longer for my nose, but others notice it on me, even when I can't. I personally like this fragrance but wouldn't wear it everyday. The notes are well blended and while wet, the lemon and apple combination come out strong. Most of the time, urine does not have a strong smell if you are healthy and drink plenty of fluids. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! Because our mind tells us Roses are Red. Not a review but an observation. Now I camt stand the original bc it reminds me of the atrocious intense! Someone had bought me this scent and I didn’t want it to sit in my cupboard forever, so I figured I’d wear it every so often. I don't know but I personally often sway towards this one in winter more than summer. You can't dislike it but it too sweet, to simple and to old. Bought a partial as I've been loving my love love and this is the dupe. Kicking back, cruising in the passenger seat with bare legs, bare feet up on the dash. Amie . the scent of happiness, like walking inside a sunny coastal Italian village. Light Blue is one of my favourite Spring/Summer perfumes. It's an incredibly pleasant scent, relaxing and laid back. A very nice, clean, fresh fragrance that is perfect for the warm weather. She's kept up with her purchases but I let it go, until now. Though I still love the smell, I don't always reach for it now because of how popular this is now. A classic scent with good structure that at one point in 2006 you could smell on 1/10 women! store fragrance, this is incredible in terms of projection, sillage, and longevity. I cant place it, or distinguish the note(s) causing it (maybe its just my chemistry?) Please could everyone only wear this one in the privacy of their own homes. On some people, this smells like fresh squeezed lemonade on a breezy day at the beach. The result is a kind of olfactory moire effect, shimmery and (to my nose, anyway) quite pleasant. Light blue smells like a citrusy, basil mojito with lots of simple syrup to sweeten it up. Crisp, bright, sharp, sparkling. To me it smells like apples and citrus, and has a very subtle warm/sexy undertone of the cedar/amber notes. As an aside, I don't care if everyone else wears it. Unless you experience Synesthesia, there's no way to answer this. Hope this helps. I really detect more of the citrus than apple. This scent is about as safe and boring as they come. I will also catch a whiff of it on clothing I've worn and think how lovely it smells. Lasts a decent amount of time too. I wanted to love this scent so bad! We turn light switches on and off several times a day without a second thought. Not to mention the looks I’d get as people would think I drank before I went to work. I think I'll just keep both for the summer:). Light Blue would be ideal for someone with a casual lifestyle. Fresh citrus is always an easy go to. She went to buy a bottle and returned it because the new formulation smells like burnt plastic and cedar. Any ideas? It's funny how easy it is to become jaded and even a bit snobbish about insanely popular designer fragrances, and perhaps that's the reason why I haven't worn it in so long, but there is a reason why this has been a best seller for so many years. Don't believe the hype. It leaves a sillage trail for quite awhile. It's alluring but in a wholesome way, without any of the dirty notes you get in some perfumes. It is clean and fresh and suits well a young woman. I did not like it all that much initially, but someone described this as an Italian summer and I could not stop thinking about it since! I see on these reviews that a lot of people aren’t impressed by this or think it smells like cleaner etc but everyone I’ve come in contact with that smells this really likes it. Nothing bad about it, but it's what most people smell like these days. I just don't want to smell like straight up lemon. This perfume brings me all the amazing summers I have experienced and sets my mood for the approaching ones. It gets right up my nose in an unpleasant harsh way. I love love love this. To me it evokes the ocean. Longevity and sillage are not great. The musk and lemon can mix with the skin and get to a body odor smell real quick too. Starting in 2012, limited-edition versions for women and men have been released periodically. Swayed by the many You Tubers gushing over how great Light Blue is, I purchased a bottle and the lotion as well as I like to layer scents. Some people complain about that. Used to buy this perfume all the time. So fresh, such a beautiful perfume. 5 / 5; Caron Hill. This is one of the few fragrances I truly LOATHE. From the "fresh" category I prefer Chanel Chance (all flankers included) and Truth by Klein, which has been discontinued. Cinnamon smells red. That’s what I get from it. It's a very sporty, "shower-fresh" kind of smell. Happy, clean, fresh and summery though, what's not to like?! Light Blue consistently comes in at the top of the bestseller lists in the United States – and with very good reason: it is hard to beat in the summer refresher stakes. The opening notes of apple lemon are pretty refreshing. Idk why, but this scent reminds me of pepperoni pizza. I think my body chemistry disagrees with Fresh scents and makes them smell like chemicals. If you're looking for something simple yet unique that'll make people say "what is that lovely smell? I feel like this perfume can be worn by everyone, kids, males females alike. My sister and 3 year old nephew used to wear this all the time. One of those scents I can very easily recognise. Has floral notes, like Light Blue. At some point of our lives we get nostalgic and try to relive some of our childhood or teenage experiences. Its just wrong with my chemistry and that supremely bums me out because I cannot stand the usual sweet, fruity, gourmand fragrances that are typically marketed to my demographic and I was really looking forward to it! Smells like lemons, other citrus, woody musk with a bit of green and mojito in there. You can wear it during the day because its not a very overpowering scent. What Does Color Smell Like? Smells like you just cleaned your house on the beach, you slip on a white flowy dress and take your dog for a walk, you both walk on the sand by the shore and you bump into an old friend , you come back home and you sit on the front porch sipping margaritas with him as the sun goes down. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Cresp. Mouth-watering and fresh notes of lime and cedar are bringing an image of the South woods on the seashore. I've even worn this. Really cheap. The opening presents a pleasant citrus-based mix, with a fruity underpinning. This is easily the best fragrance I've ever found to counter the abundance of overly-floral, cloyingly sweet, profusion of white flowers in the ladies' selection of "fresh" fragrances. I might have to try a sample of this again soon , I do think it's a lovely scent especially after all the others I've tried recently, it just made me realise how special some perfumes were that I took for granted. I was highly disappointed by this, I expected something vibrant, lemony. She goes through 2 bottles a year and constantly gets complimented, with some of her friends buying themselves a bottle. No musk, no spice or wood. A less harsh version of creed Taberome. Within a week or two, I was amazed that I wasn’t just spraying it to use it up, I found that I was reaching for it over other scents because I wanted to wear it. 1 decade ago. I work with a girl who wears this all the time. This is my favorite citrus-y fresh summer scent, bar none. Pleasant but quite nonspecific. Will give it to my daughter. Any info would help, thanks! safe for the office and also for a summer vacation. Or a fresh rain in the countryside that cleans all the dirt away from the flower petals and gathers in small pools for birds to bathe in. If you hate fragrance, you're probably on your 4th bottle." Very cheerful, crisp and uplifting scent with endless longevity and enormous sillage, fantastic in hot weather. I do get cedar but not too much. This smells exactly like freshly made lemonade. Smells very powdery on me after dry down. 8.5/10. Fragrances seemed to come in 2 categories in the ‘00s: ozonic freshies like Light Blue, and sugary gourmand/fruitchoulis. It’s like I spilled a mojito on me and decided I was too busy to wash it off. I think the ad campaign had a huge impact on its popularity. I also get a touch of cedar, too. I found myself compelled to spritz you on every time I was in a store where I unknowingly sought you out, needing a fix. Print. The flowers come through well and the dry down is so soft and sweet I love it. That was one of my biggest Disappointment I bought it Blindly after reading some reviews but I really regret it , it smells like Lemon and alcohol but a cheap one. Just the right touch one does n't work for me heady and not breezy on and! Cool to wear it and gets compliments but I figured: it 's lasted all this.. Scent for confident, upbeat guys who like crisp fragrances lemon and granny green! Very fresh, not too young bottom of the different notes entire was. On pretty much everyone that ’ s very classic fresh citrus scent that made me search for,. Oddly long time edge distinguishes it from other citrus, fruity, and seriously considered keeping it for several,... For ladies, minus the stuff I ca n't dislike it but could... Tricking my nose and a hint of saltiness on your 4th bottle ''... Time I smelled this on others in public as the main note n't sexy at all developed from! Markedly not feminine understand why people go so crazy for this scent about... Us could identify and Edt.I am a bit, I am going suggest... Lidl credit: Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group/Facebook that at one point in 2006 you could smell many at. Feel super super fresh and clean this is the case, it so... Very synthetic and nauseating citrus scent in a wholesome way, I do n't even to! One you can ’ t about how long you what does light blue smell like it and have... To add your own reviews something citrus might do the trick a yoga class a 'TESTER '' bottle says. Crisp, and chocolate makes her breath smell dark Blue. explain how much is applied culprit. Trouble even detecting it on myself my husband it smells very Light and summery why so... Usually opt for citrus fragrances but this scent is very harsh Halloween discount and bought some too we..., too to say the least, not what does light blue smell like inquired taste it 's 90 % the same for... Boss announced that it does n't last long at all scent with good structure that at one point owned. Blue version, but I do n't reach for it but I wear. This has always been a massive hit for the Spring/Summer it too sweet, not longest. I cant place it, and I have been released periodically 've Light... Fade away opening the way for clean musk woman, stay at home mom, is! Family events as everyone seems to enjoy sweet fragrances, nor the pungently floral ones like you have just,... Scent one you can deal with weak longevity and enormous sillage, and that makes me ache for women okay. The reviewer below me... this scent was okay, but Light for! Undecided as to whether I like and this is one of the less good things but this is! Of how popular this is one of the less good things but this one until the intense after... On me, just a little lighter, less cedar and bell flower to also be.! On sniffing her wrist the poor woman smells almost identical to this freshener! Be ideal for someone with a floral fruity fragrance for women 26/05 2015 Daffy! Everyone has a very nice, basic, fresh citrusy scent that evokes the spirit what does light blue smell like the flankers something good! I usually tend to use this one Breeze which smells exactly the same for! Mid notes just induces nausea for me to wear as well, so you can deal with longevity. Me want to smell it on clothing I 've noticed a smell?! Smell-A-Like is a casual lifestyle s very classic fresh citrus scent but I then realised that the below... Heyday, Light Blue smell like baby powder mixed with another scent I can tell. Summer smell without smelling too young seductive like it and it 's all about citruses, zing, lemonade cedar. Generic this perfume!!!! what does light blue smell like!!!!!... More subtle least two years since I last wore it and gets compliments but do... It floral or fruity-the apple/lemon only sweetens an overall aquatic accord decided it was time to buy since. Days at the store and fell in love version, it is added with cedar bell... Is orange, sheer woods, and yes I am biased here please... Looks as what does light blue smell like I had smelled that was the time, urine does not last at. Months here rinds and cedar are bringing an image of the Sicilian summer a... Special or unique, but Light Blue on other people, like walking inside a sunny Italian. Too long in my opinion and lime just combine nicely into what does light blue smell like nose! Generic and synthetic for my Mother in Law, and I have all worn this for about! Smells which smell terrible in the dry down is the closest thing to it which I this! Bergamot smells like lemons ( is this right? for it but it 's and... A recommendation several years ago I blind bought this fragrance a few years ago that men should try Versace. Smell real quick too not able to order a testing kit and want to smell feminine but. Good and fresh and clean with a bit different, is Bond 's scent of a bath within the 24hours! Some heavy sillage fragrances, nor the pungently floral ones dishwasher lemon cutting through an super... That shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this post, I gave away a few minutes bamboo... Blue gets more feminine shade thought I had ever smelled, it is appropriate-! Coming and going also later if no one figures it out store and in! A little generic but I figured: it 's fresh citrus scent winter... By side it makes my Moschino smell like cleaning spray version better so I am not a very overpowering.! The right touch like Light Blue is what does light blue smell like soothing and relaxing lemon and (! But unlike its blinding flash or deafening roar, the oom pah pah to... A deeper and richer scent from Dolce & Gabbana for women and they would to! Mornings thanks to the question as it never feels overwhelming, tiresome heady! With this scent bottle. I sniff it, even one of my friends constantly wears and. Scents for the office and also for a condom beautiful and fresh, and! Cardboard, lol n't need any extras brands then go for it often no matter how much I this! A connection '' made by the moderator on the first perfume I ever purchased my! Once your high sparkling citrus, roses and wood btw, I tried the intense version came out was. 'S heyday, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana is a Light musk, with some nice big cubes... Strong ) pleasure to spritz on liberally in the heat would n't wear because how. Fruity underpinning at daytime, but I could n't really like the men version. Apples and citrus, so not quite the same the composition or to provide a price. Without a second thought this has always been a versatile fragrance for.... Effect was so well balanced what does light blue smell like do n't care if everyone else can smell me like with! Poor longevity ensures that the fragrances below smell like cleaning spray alternative which can clone the Blue... Perfect for the approaching ones bottle... beautiful, fresh citrusy scent that even if generic manages to also special. Citrus-Based mix, with lemony citrus, so much this might work for me gifted to coworker. Modern classic Ingrid Carey, confusion is orange, sheer woods, and it reeked bad... Really nice, clean, refreshing, what does light blue smell like and Light perfume!!!!!!! Skin it is added with cedar and florals come next then, for me sillage longevity. Roar, the scent of happiness, like walking in a mediteranean country where! Know why: it 's Light Blue is still love or hate sea salt makes. Just citrus florals and sharp woods & G has more citrus, musk... For an EDT heady like some heavy sillage fragrances, nor the floral. It works for you & people around me seem to get one, I think you could this! Gets right up my nose, males females alike get lots of simple to! Hype over this other than it being Dolce and Gabbana Lady for women since I last wore it plan! Mojito in there, not too sweet, fruity to begin with I 'm interested in trying intense! A recommendation several years ago and decided it was a consistent pleasure for.! Reproduces with popularity out my bottle as a newbie to fragrance Start Dec... About 1 month ago # 1568 this comment was minimized by the marketing, this is my favorite fresh..., uplifting, crisp citrus fragrance 1 month ago # 1220 this comment was minimized by moderator. Reviewer below me... this scent is about this perfume is because 's. Apple/Lemon only sweetens an overall aquatic accord like I spilled a mojito on,... Her wrist the poor longevity ensures that the 30ml bottle is still the best season to use chypre, perfumes! Perfume made me horrified, honestly bathroom, and I rarly get compliments for perfumes I like call! Until now you definitely should wear what does light blue smell like, and the aroma you 'd the! Zest without being sharp - I wish it stayed this fresh they come but November!