The extra data was never reflected on the Vodacom App and I have also not received any SMS for the extra data which I can proof from the information for sms's on my phones. It has been a month and a half, and vodacom is now billing us R1400 for installation. Three months later still fighting with Vodacom for the lack of interest and incompetency. Every day I phone and e-mail and the same story. Vodacom needs to implement OTP's when data, airtime are bought and debited to your account to prevent fraudulent transactions. I'm definitely changing over to the Telkom network and will appreciate my money back or my prize. This is fraud on another level, I am sick of calling in because I do not get the help or refunds that I need. This is totally unacceptable as because of your delay I am being billed yet I have not used the Fibre since my cancellation request was submitted. I Marina Clasen ‪[protected]‬ recently upgraded on my 2 contracts. On 6 and 13 Oct 2020 I sent follow up emails to Kenosi Leshoro. Others agents said RAM couriers were not able to reach me. Can I please have a feedback on this upgrade Vodacom's reply: 14 Mar 2016, 14:07. I applied for an upgrade on the 05th of December 2020...I spoke to Cindy at 10 am...she assured me the call is recorded and the upgrade has been processed and I should expect delivery within 3 to 5 working days. Subscription Charges No response. I have downgraded my package in October 2020 to be able to pay less on my account. Vodacom, competitions are meant for customers to win and not for you to profit off. Then he said the LG V60 is on back order so I will have to wait for it, which I said was not a problem. I have even gone onto Hello Peter app and your rating is a 2 out of 10. I have been taken from pillar to post by every consultant that I have spoken too and all of them have been dismissive. I have just learnt when I followed up on my order status yesterday afternoon the 21st December that my order was canceled. Bunch of crooks, they charged my dad with an unexpected amount of R6000 and couldn't even provide us with a statement when we requested one the lady we spoke to at mall @ carnival branchunfortunately didn't got her name was very rude clearly had no customer etiquette,anyway after paying this ridiculous amount they simply are refusing to cancel the contracts and i did email the CEO and still nothing .Unprofessional!!!!!!!!. During this call, the consultant had checked his stock on hand which he assured me was 96 available so I would get this deal. You have a greater chance at winning the lotto!I shall continue to complain about this misleading competition on all other customer review sites.I have screen shots of all 7 puzzles completed 8 times but unfortunately I'm only allowed to upload one photo on this platform. Thanks Colin Cillie, I am experiencing exactly the same problem. Be the first to get an email notification when this business gets consumer complaint or bad review. We aim to get back to you within 24 hours. Wouldn't recommend this useless service provider to anyone. Hello juan123, We apologise for the service that you received and the inconvenience caused in this regard. and I was put in arrears by this company for CANCELLED CONTRACTS!!! The future is exciting. We rely fully on internet as we have disconnected our DSTV and only stream with internet. I received a lead follow up call the following week to confirm my request for an upgrade and that RAM couriers will contact me on my Contract number that I am upgrading (082) 775-4429))when they are ready to deliver. he refused and said they need to call the office number. Vodacom you are so useless and I cannot wait for another company to kick your butt for good. November It’s 5 months now I’m without a fibre but paying ridiculous amount for such a pathetic service. Vodacom Fibre Problems. Reviewers. Vodacom Fibre General Information Terms And Conditions. I was told that the consultant dealing with our contract told us lies and that it is not free installation, when in fact I have the quotation where it stipulates the free installation and 3 months free. Vodacom complaints - Need an managers email address. Vodacom - Head Office Complaints Page. My fibre cancellation request due to relocation was submitted on 29 November 2020. I am now going to make an affidavit at the police station and also open a case of fraud as this is not the first time that this happening. 118.00 Shop online & get free delivery. My cell nr [protected] It even gives you extra VBucks if you recharge your account using your banking account. Had Vodacom fibre connected to my home approximately one month ago. Accidental Damage Insurance If I try to read or send an email, I get diverted to Vodacom portal. 8.69 My complaint is why the consultants are not advising customers that it is an estimate amount and there might be an outstanding amount that could be added as no one told me anything. Call us on 082 1904. Fibre down since yesterday and your useless staff I would have fired a long time ago cannot even help and blaming Frogfoot and Frogfoot is blaming Vodacom.SR201211-957572. I was told it was even escalated to management to deal with and that they would contact me and again nothing. As the guy stated what he have and we made a decision on the devices, he then sat next to the girl on a different PC and took my Bank statement and went through it, as going through it he asked if I have my bank card( which is odd as I was never asked for my bank card before when taking up a contract) I gave him my card and he continued to check the details, I asked him if he is checking my affordability and if so what costs does he have down as he didn't ask me any of my expenses, he stated he is doing a credit check and everything will be checked there. Vodacom Reviews | Contact Vodacom - Telecommunications - 2.3 … They told me that was my last debit for invoices? I called the store this morning(17/12/2020) asking about taking a contract and was told I need to come in with 3 months bank statements and my ID. He said I can collect on it on 1 December. Connection sometimes lasts for 1 hour in the day with no connection for several days. If sent them multiple email address to send to and non of them mailboxes every received this letter. ‪[protected]‬ Call us on 082 1960. I called as soon as your upgrade department opened and was greeted by consultant Johan Spies. I applied for a Gaming Laptop on the online store and got approved, the first laptop I waited 2 weeks with no stock coming in, then applied for a different laptop, also no stock, online store telling me they wont have stock until maybe February? I reported and requested relocation on 6 Nov. That SR nr was closed for what reason I don't know SR201006-730011. My conclusion is that vodacom does not care about me and my family. SO190208-577634. At this time I had the choice between breathing crystal and peacock blue. shows you how life is made better with technology and how it can be put to the best use in everyday life. Call us on 082 17844. Every agent that I have spoken too regarding why my order has been canceled has contradicted each other. I had chosen breathing crystal. Account nr [protected]-6 I saw that there was never any feedback from Vodacom regarding the people's issues so I didn't write any comment but if I do not get a response now, I will definitely be adding my 2 cents worth. Peter needs to pull his finger and get this sorted. will I get a call? I had not received feedback with regards to this matter yet. Eventually Vodacom sent RAM to collect the router and they confirmed more than once that I would not be billed for installation because they could not deliver as promised. Vodacom Fibre is an ultra-high-speed and high-capacity fixed-line connectivity solution; It’s ideal if your business uses applications that consume a lot of bandwidth such as video conferencing, VoIP and VPN, etc. I guess they are not into the habit of robbing their customers. Two months later I received an invoice via the Vodacom APP for R1700.00 I must state that I was not at any point told when I called vodacom to initiate my upgrade and place a preorder about the above criteria, nor was I told about all the hoops I could need to jump on the Lead call I received from Vodacom. You will enjoy the benefits of faster loading pages, no buffering when streaming, less lag and more action when gaming. a simple gift for my child for coming out in the top 10...and this is the utter nonsense I had to put up u guys know what you are doing??????????????????????????? I request a refund for months deducted from October 2020 until December 2020. COMPLAINT #10103 - Customer Service Issues. All Vodacom Fibre deals include the router. will this upgrade ever get done? This competition isn't softly advertised to its user's either, its almost forced upon you by T.V ads, everytime you recharge your account and via the App. Vodacom refused to switch to uncapped data due to the delay in the installation. The signed cancellation quote was emailed to Vodacom on 14 December 2020. This way they make money and the customer loses money. I went to Vodacom shop at Springs Mall in Springs, East Rand to upgrade contract on 26 November. Vodacom ... We will not publish your email. Peter is working on it. I have been a valued customer for almost 10 years and this how you are treated? I have 2 cellular contract and a Fiber contract with Vodacom. Now I am spending more money buying data because I had not budgeted to do so in december. The reason I called early was to avoid being disappointed by no stock or out of stock issues. That is disgusting. Vodacom - Head Office has 3 resolved compaints. Here we go again two years along the line and I have endless problems with vodacom. The matter will be escalated and a consultant will be in contact to assist with resolution. Go. is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004. Initial Vodacom complaints should be directed to their team directly. After numerous calls to Vodacom I was instructed to email and email to customercare was sent 6th December (00284aFVF4XCSFGR) and likeminds on the 8th December (ref 74790). I'm unable to I am being charged more than the fibre amount advertised and this LTE last for 2 weeks for an amount of R600. When I got there on 1 December, he said they only ordered it that morning, because they do not order phones at the end off a month. Can't cancel as I have to pay the full outstanding amount for the remaining 23 months. Ready? You can email us anytime. Vodacom fibre Vodacom fibre internet line still not released after SIX WEEKS of intensive phone calls and many 48 hour release time promises and an arm lengths worh of useless reverence numbers. It is capable of carrying large data loads with speeds up to 100Mbps. I want you to listen to the conversation on the day the salesperson phoned me and spoke to me and my wife, my package is not correct and if this is not solved. To my shock I discovered this morning that Vodacom has approved and sold me 3 new phones with 3 new contracts without my knowledge or approval. I have complained about it and all of a sudden they say I have requested more data via the USSD, which I never used. I called in 2 weeks back again and I spoke to justin boer from vodacom he rest assured me that by last week thursday my wifi will be installed, But its easy for vodacom to increase the price of said data line. It's evident that Vodacom has no ethics or morals. However conveniently and without any calls to me or emails, my upgrade request has been canceled. My goods haven't been delivered as of yet since RAM couriers did a pathetic job. Due to time I had to be back at work I decided to let it be and not take the contract. I phoned on the 13th to be told to give it a day or two because of the loadshedding. Vodacom Fibre Problems - Consumer Complaint for Vodacom - Head Office.

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