In more tropical climates where fuchsia can be overwintered as a perennial, they can be trained as shrubs and, in some cases, even small trees. Beds and borders, City, Containers, Cottage/Informal. Among them, the trailing or cascading Fuchsia varieties, with weak stems that flop and branch freely, are great selections for hanging baskets. List of fuchsia species. A list will appear where '0' indicates this nursery offers this cultivar in 2020. Fuchsia varieties. With over 100 known species of fuchsia, there are many varieties of growth habits. Fuchsias with a semi-trailing habit work well in hanging baskets or spilling over the side of a container. Synonym: WCSP (in review) Fuchsia alpestris Gardner: Accepted: WCSP (in review) Fuchsia alternans Moç. Keep reading the information that follows to learn more about how to care for fuchsia plants and where to grow fuchsias for achieving the best success, including how to overwinter them. Fuchsia is a genus of more than 100 species of deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees in the family Onagraceae, native to Central America and South America. We visit with one of the nations leaders in growing hardy fuchsias and see some of his new introductions for the coming year. The fuchsia flower is a beautiful, exotic looking flower that’s great for growing nearly anywhere. Some Fuchsia Varieties include: Fuchsia Melanie Louise Single flowering upright bushy habit with deep red sepals and an aubergine corolla. The Citrus House Researchers once believed that the Citrus House was first built way, way back in 1831 but recent archive research has. Fuchsia specialist & enthusiast with over 800 varieties of all types, online catalogue & shop with photos & descriptions. Blooming freely all summer and throughout early fall, they produce a profusion of pendent, single to double flowers, with elegantly flared or recurved sepals. Jul 13, 2016 - Various varieties of Fuchsia. The Fuchsia is a garden plant with a rich history and distinctive flowers in various colours. Facts: Fuchsia. Here is a list of superb cascading or trailing Fuchsias. These varieties are very hardy and suit most climates around the United States. There are approximately 100 known species, somewhere in the region of 106 – 107 to be more precise. (Not all varieties will be available at all times) Basket: These varieties are trailing, and are best planted in a pot or hanging basket. There are literally hundreds of varieties of fuchsias in a wealth of different colours and colour combinations. Fuchsia specialist Roualeyn Nursery have a large number of bush fuchsias in their current collection as shown in the fuchsia photo gallery Fuchsia (/ ˈ f juː ʃ ə /, FEW-shə) is a vivid purplish red color, named after the color of the flower of the fuchsia plant, which was named so by a botanist, Charles Plumier after the 16th century German botanist Leonhart Fuchs.. As specialists in fuchsias, we are able to supply a wide variety of fuchsia plants, all grown and nurtured in our very own glasshouses at our Kent nursery. The color fuchsia was first introduced as the color of a new aniline dye called fuchsine, patented in 1859 by the French chemist François-Emmanuel Verguin. Welcome to Norfolk’s Fuchsia Specialist. Our Fuchsia stock includes hardy and half-hardy varieties, but if you're new to Fuchsia-growing, then we can supply simple collections of potted Fuchsia plants to get you started. Hardy Fuchsia Plants. Back to Top The Fuschia genus contains more than 100 woody shrubs and trees, but the familiar garden fuschias widely available in garden centers are mostly hybrids chosen because they are ideal for hanging baskets and other containers. Fuchsia affinis Cambess. Fuchsia fulgens (Brilliant fuchsia) will reach a height of 1.5m and a spread of 1m after 10-20 years.. Fuchsia 'Shrimp Cocktail' is a fusion of marbled hot pink petals with a candy blush; each bloom totally unique and almost luminous against the dark foliage. With their long flowering season and vibrant blossoms, Fuchsia are outstanding deciduous or evergreen shrubs. Fuchsia, genus of about 105 species of flowering shrubs and trees, in the evening primrose family (Onagraceae), native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Central and South America and to New Zealand and Tahiti. Their colors are typically rich and vivid, and they make the perfect focal point for any garden due to the fact that they typically bloom all the way from spring to the early fall season. Fuchsia Plants Choose from our huge range of fuchsia plants, sold as either plants or plugs. Hardy fuchsia plants are a fantastic option for UK gardens, simply because they are able to stand up to the unpredictable weather our small islands are often subjected to! Did you ever see a lovely fuchsia cultivar online, in a garden or at an exhibition but didn't know where to buy one? Fuchsia is greatly appreciated for its highly ornamental, attractive and usually pendant flowers in combinations of red, white, pink and purple. Synonym: WCSP (in review) Fuchsia ampliata Benth. Fuchsia’ Lady in Black’ (Half-Hardy) Fuchsia… We got you covered. They are unmatched for their elegance and offer a great bonus, too: Hummingbirds love them. Fuchsia plants are chosen for their beautiful blooms. Fuchsia Plant Care – How to Grow and Prune Fuchsia Flowers Fuchsias have created a name for themselves as a real classic within creative compositions of plants for summer gardens. Train them onto walls or fences for a beautiful vertical display. Det som er så spesielt med fuchsia er blomsten, som har et veldig karakteristisk utsende og virkelig fanger oppmerksomheten. & Sessé ex DC. The sumptuously coloured Fuchsia 'Blacky' also produces large blooms, and is bred to perform well in shade as well as full sun. Fuchsia Plant Profile. In Genus Fuchsia, there are 122 named Fuchsia (Onagraceae) species, subspecies and varieties that grow wild in Mexico, Central and South America and New Zealand/Tahiti. Fuchsias from the White House Nursery are a beautiful plant which have lovely dainty flowers from late spring to early winter. Height and … Hardiness varies; the tougher types become deciduous if exposed to frost, the more tender simply die. Share on Facebook Tweet this page. We compiled a searchable list with over 15.000 different cultivars and more than 7.000 different cultivars for sale. In our trailing fuchsia range we have many varieties that have been given a RHS Garden Merit Award, including the Fuchsia Coachman. See more ideas about fuchsia, fuchsia plant, planting flowers. With over 100 different species and thousands of cultivated varieties to choose from, fuchsia flowers are one of the most popular choices for gardens. Order fuchsia plants online or by post Fuchsia flowers are striking, characterized by a distinct. Suggested uses. Harper and Debbage is a small independent (mail order) nursery based in Norwich, Norfolk specialising in Fuchsias and are the holders of the Plant Heritage, National Plant Collection of fuchsia cultivars introduced by James Lye.. Our Nursery is not open to the public, though collections and local deliveries can be arranged. Species. Fuchsia Just a little care will give you great results. Written by. Ranging in habit from upright to arching or trailing, there is a Fushia for most garden situations. Climbing Fuchsia – These fuchsias grow fast, with long and lax stems. Fuchsia Voodo Double flowering with deep red sepals and a deep purple corolla. Unresolved: WCSP (in review) Fuchsia amoena DC. ‘x’ indicates a nursery that offers your cultivar in their most recent catalogue (some nurseries don't update the catalog every year). Plant outdoors in moist, fertile soil with the base of the stem 5cm below the soil surface. Thanks to the existence of hardy varieties, the colorful festival with its unmistakable flowers is … Hardiness varies among varieties with Fuchsia magellanica being the most cold tolerant. They are excellent in the garden, pots or hanging baskets and will give you years of bright vibrant colour in your garden or on your patio. To top off our huge collection, we can also supply Fuchsia seed to produce new hybrids! (Available in 4″ pots and 10″ hanging baskets) Upright: These have strong upright growth and are best planted in the ground or a pot. Not all uprights grow tall, some have upright growth but stay […] Thompson & Morgan's selection of fuchsias includes the astonishing giant marbled collection with its massive four-inch flowers displaying all summer. A truly exceptional plant for a magical display that will enchant you year after year when planted in borders and patio containers. Vigorous and best in the garden or large pot. Family: Onagraceae Family (Evening Primrose Family) Genus: Fuchsia Origin: South and Central America, with a few species from New Zealand and Tahiti. Cultivation. Some of the Favorite Fuchsia Varieties. Kerry Michaels. B.F.S. (The Northwest Fuchsia Society has compiled a list of the fuchsias that are hardy in the Pacific Northwest and we refer you to their list at Not all are in cultivation in North America, Europe or Asia, but, of those that are, they are some … They grow in full sun, to partial and even full shade. Culture: Fuchsia enjoy fertile moist soil with good drainage. Varieties. 9 indicates this nursery had this cultivar in 2019. Most produce relatively small flowers, whereas the so-called ’Turbo’ varieties produce quite large flowers. Sometimes, as in the all-white 'Hawkshead' , the entire flower is one color but, in general, flowers are bicolored. Fuchsia er en plante som er populær blant mange kultivatorer, spesielt for de som er ute etter et litt mer eksklusivt og annerledes utseende på hagen. See more ideas about fuchsia, fuchsia flowers, planting flowers. Sep 16, 2018 - Explore Kathryn Revell's board "Fuchsia Varieties" on Pinterest. And Mrs Shirley wrote a fantastic booklet to help you on your way. Our trailing fuchsia plants are available as plug plants and are perfect for colour all season long in fuchsia hanging baskets, patio planters and window boxes. Known Locations of Fuchsia Habitats

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